For years we have been taught that in order to bring about change and rejuvenation in the skin you need to peel and burn it with acids, ablate it with lasers or to traumatize the skin.

Introducing Roccoco Botanicals.

Botanical Skincare Done right.

Science of Roccoco

A holistic, revolutionary way of treating skin that respects the skin barrier. Open your eyes to a new way of skin treatment. A way where active ingredients does not mean having to put up with stinging, burning and discomfort. Where skin rejuvenation is actually enjoyable and yet still results orientated.

At Roccoco, we have a strong focus on making products that are acne and allergy safe. Many of our clients have struggled with acne or sensitive skin, which is why we thrive on making gentle and yet effective botanical products.

Roccoco was curated to deliver advanced cutting edge science and superior results. Our aim was to re-define what you think is possible for skin and deliver solutions in the shortest time possible. The products are infused with groundbreaking ingredients that are not normally found in botanical range. 

We believe in supporting and repairing the skin barrier. Many brands treat the skin through chemical peels and lasers, which creates trauma and the growth of unhealthy collagen. It was out of the desire and belief that there must be a better way to treat acne and sensitive skin that Roccoco was birthed.

Not everything natural is beneficial for the skin.

There are many natural ingredients and oils that are barrier disruptive and hinder the skin’s healing process. Many of our products contain 85% or more botanical ingredients, with some being 100% natural. We ensure the ingredients we source have the utmost respect for our skin barrier and deliver unparalleled results. We achieve real results without the side effects and irritation.  

Roccoco is proud to be cruelty free and does not test on animals.

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An innovative skincare brand formulated to provide both skin-balancing, anti-aging solutions for women with acne and sensitivity.

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