Dually Licensed Esthetician & Massage Therapist

I'm a PNW girl that moved to Los Angeles to pursue a vision. I graduated from Aesthetics Institute 2016 and completed my Massage Therapy Program at East West College of the Healing Arts in Portland, OR 2019. I am actively in an RN program to become a California Registered Nurse.

I'm devoted to skincare, specializing in treating acne and sensitive skin. Through personalized treatments with professional products and innovative techniques, we'll address your concerns while also exploring their root causes. Experience a spa-like journey with facial massage, aromatherapy, and warm towels, all enhanced by my expertise. My goal is to deliver results and guide you on your skincare journey.

My Passion: Adult Acne, Healthy Aging, Sensitive Skin & Massage Therapy

From a young age I had a difficult relationship with my skin - suffering many conditions from sensitivity to redness, eczema, rashes (and to top-it-all — acne in my teenage years).

I learned to read ingredient labels, opting for "fragrance-free" over scented lotions, perfumes, glitter, and avoiding itchy fabrics or hot showers.

Due to developing these habits early on, I grew to love everything about skincare. Soon I was lost in an endless rabbit-hole of "natural" beauty, mixing ingredients up in my bedroom and experimenting on my breakouts (it made them worse of course)!

becoming an esthetician

Despite loving skincare and spa treatments, I didn't know I would become an esthetician. In my highschool career class, I actually wanted to be a Dermatologist. The former didn't work out, but the latter led me somewhere!

I fell in love with my experiences at esthetics school and discovered my passion for acne and facial massage. I actually enrolled in massage school the day I graduated beauty school. I've also spent the past 6 years learning about acne and how to treat it!

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